Services Easy Shares Account

Easy Shares Account

EASY means£

  • Deposit when you want
  • Withdraw when you want
  • NO charges along the way
  • Your savings are protected, free of charge

Credit Union members just like you are saving for occasions, planning for the future, or simply budgeting to manage their home. Your Easy Shares Account allows you to save a little or a lot, as and when you have it, to use for what you want.

How does it work?

Maybe you're saving for a family occasion, Christmas, a holiday or preparing for the unexpected? Take advantage of our Easy Shares Account, with no set-up or hidden transaction charges, no restrictions on when and how much you set aside, and access on demand to your savings when you need it.

Every share you hold with your credit union is eligible for a dividend when declared by the credit union. The more shares you have, the greater your return!

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