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Keep the Wolves From the Door

Tis the Season to be Jolly

...but for many people Christmas can be a time of stress and financial strain.

Christmas need not be so stressful. It's easy to have a stress free Christmas if you are organised, stick to a budget and are realistic about your own expectations.

At KRD Credit Union Limited we have some practical tips on how to budget and manage your money in the run up to the Christmas season. We hope our shopping tips and sample budget planner will help in making your Christmas stress free.

Private Interview facility available on request.

Top Tips

for Christmas Shopping

  • Set a budget and stick to it!
  • Avoid starting the New Year with massive debts so be realistic in what you can spend on presents, food and entertaining
  • Savings through KRD Credit Union Limited sub account is a great way to put money aside for Christmas
  • Pay with cash where possible and avoid borrowing 'expensive money' via Credit Cards, Store Cards, Catalogues and Money Lenders
  • If you have to borrow money try and keep the amount to a minimum and go to your local credit union who offer very competitive rates (see repayments table inside)
  • Plan early by starting your shopping in November and you£ll be sure to pick up a few pre- Christmas bargains
  • If you are buying a lot of presents for friends and family, why not suggest doing Kris Kringle or set a price limit on presents
  • Remember shops are only closed for 1-2 days so there is no need to 'bulk buy'
  • Put off shopping for shoes/clothes until the sales start on St. Stephen's Day

Remember the bigger picture

'Christmas isn't just about food, drink and presents'

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